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Is your home or driveway covered in mildew stains? Don't spend all day cleaning your home's exterior with a bucket and sponge. PSI Pressure Washing Systems in Conroe, TX has affordable pressure washer sales and rentals to help you get the job done more efficiently.

We carry a large selection of premium pressure washers for you to choose from and can even help you find the best equipment for the job. Whether you need it for a single project or you're trying to start a small business, you can find the right tools and equipment at PSI Pressure Washing Systems.

Get the right equipment for the job

When you're in the middle of a job, the last thing you want to worry about is your pressure washer breaking down on you. At PSI Pressure Washing Systems, we understand that quality equipment is important, so we offer:

  • Pressure washer sales
  • Pressure washer rentals
  • Small engine repairs
  • Small engine parts

Contact us in Conroe, TX today to find the right equipment for your next project.

Dedicated services for you

PSI Pressure Washing Systems in Conroe, TX is dedicated to helping you maintain your property with affordable pressure washer sales and rentals. We provide top-quality equipment and small engine repair services to ensure you can get the job done the first time around.

Take advantage of our:

Military and first responder discounts

Shipping, delivery and pickup options

Rent-to-own and financing programs

Speak with our professionals in Conroe, TX today to learn more about our services and equipment.

1/4" Brass Quick-Connect Coupler MPT | $5.99
3/8" Steel Nipple FPT | $3.99
3/8" Steel Nipple MPT | $3.99
Pressure Gauge Assembly 4200psi | $24.99
Pressure Gauge Bottom Mount 5000psi | $11.99
3/8" Quick Connect Set FPT | $10.99
X-JET M5 #16 Adjustable Pressure Washer Soap Nozzle | $149.99
X-JET M5 #16 Adjustable Pressure Washer Soap Nozzle | $149.99
ACCUTEK High Pressure Ball Valve Assembly | $41.99
ACCUTEK High Pressure Ball Valve | $34.99
PCI ABV038 Ball Valve Assembly | $39.99
General Pump DBV501238 High Pressure Ball Valve | $54.99

Portable Pressure Washer Rentals

Starting at only $44.99/day

Readily available and at an affordable price. Commercial cold water pressure washer rentals pushing out 4gpm @ 4000psi.

Cold Water Pressure Washer Trailer Rentals

Starting at $129.99/day

Convenient and ready to work when you don't have access to water because your customer forgot to pay the bill. Our cold water pressure washer trailer packed with a 100ft hose, an on-demand pump and 4gpm @ 4000psi to help you get the job done.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer Rentals

Starting at $179.99/day

For times when your beat up Ford Fiesta keeps leaking oil because it needs a new oil pan. Our hot water trailer rigs with adjustable thermostats that crank up to 220 degrees will do the job that cold water pressure washers can't.

Generator Rentals

Starting at $89.99/day

When there's no electricity outlet in sight but you still need to dry and curl your hair. Just feed this baby with some gas and you'll be ready in no time.

Portable Air Compressor Rentals

Starting at $54.99/day

Not sure what to say about this but we have it for rent. 8 gallon gas engine 13.9 CFM @ 90psi air compressors.

3" Semi Trash Pump

Starting @ $54.99/day

276 gpm of suction power! Great for emptying out your neighbors pool to fill yours.



"Cheapest rental rates in H-town for the same or better quality, can't beat it."

Isaias A.

"PSI Pressure Washing Systems' customer service is on point! I rented a hot water trailer which went down on me mid job and they delivered another one at my job site no questions asked. You won't find better people to deal with."

Justin G.

"Absolutely pleased with my purchase. Got an incredible deal on all my stuff. Thanks again Mike! Definitely making PSI my go to place for everything pressure washing."

Christopher C.